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Covid 19 Arrangements

Arrangements and Changes to Provision During Coronavirus
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Information and Documentation relating to School Systems and Procedures during COVID-19
Please find below our current status document to create an ‘as safe as possible’ environment for staff and pupils:

We are no longer required to have a risk assessment for covid but we do have our Current Status Document: Parochial COVID19 StatusDocument 21.04.22 below

Each school has been asked to produce a contingency plan which covers our actions in the event of positive cases or if cases substantially rise and we are asked by local government to ‘step up’ our restriction. This can be found below: Parochial’s Covid 19 Outbreak Management Plan

We ask that you continue to let us know if your child tests positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms. The current Gateshead advice states:
  • Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay away from the setting and can return when they no longer have a high temperature, and they are well enough to attend.

  • Children and young people with mild symptoms e.g. runny nose, sore throat, or slight cough, who are otherwise well, can continue to attend their education setting.

  • Children and young people aged 18 and under, who have a positive COVID-19 test can return to the setting after 3 days if they do not have a high temperature and feel well enough to resume normal duties.
Arriving at and Leaving School – procedures from September 2021
We ask that you continue to observe social distancing guidelines from pre-July.

Staggered entry and exit will end, but to try to reduce crowds or congregating, the following procedures will be in place:

Entry: all year groups

On entry, yard gates will be opened for pupils (not parents or carers) by the staff on yard duty at 8:45am. Children will come onto the yard between 8:45am and 8:55am and will be supervised by the ‘on duty’ staff until class teachers collect at 8:55am. We ask that you say goodbye at the gate and allow your child to come into the yard without you. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 use the KS1 yard (by the main entrance) and Year 3,4,5 and 6 come in via the KS2 yard (from the gate on Broadway).

Exit: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

On exit, gates will open at 3:05pm and parents and carers may come into the yard. At 3:15pm, Reception children will be brought to the KS1 door and released to parents, followed by Year 1 and then Year 2.

Exit: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

On exit, gates will open at 3:05pm and from then parents and carers may come into the yard. At 3:15pm, Year 3 and Year 4 will be released to parents via their Fire Door – we ask that parents wait on the yard nearest the stage where they can be seen. Year 5 will be released via the main KS2 door followed by Year 6. We encourage any parents of Year 5 and 6 children who feel confident to do so to meet their children on the field in front of the Coachman’s Public House to further reduce numbers of people on the yard.

We ask that parents leave the yard as soon as they have collected their children in order to continue with the reduction of crowding and also to make it possible for our after-school clubs to be delivered on our yards.
If your child is at home with COVID but is well enough to work, the sites and ideas below will help you until we get work put on the platform for you.

By the second day of absence our Remote Learning Plan comes into effect: Remote Learning Plan 2021 below.
The ideas below need little or no technology.

– A bit of reading every day (independent or to them or via audiobook etc)

– Some free writing now and then. If they’ll keep a diary or something, great. If not, would they draw a comic?

– Practical, hands-on maths: cooking, cleaning, shape hunts or some maths games, physical or digital or card games.

– Some fine motor work such as Lego, cutting, playdough, tidying up small toys.

– Physical exercise everyday

– Some art/music where possible through the week. It doesn’t need to be guided.

– Project work: if they are old enough, getting them to independently work on a project is great for keeping brains ticking over. Get them researching in a book or online and putting together something to present to you or family.

– If they are younger, lots of imaginative free play, the more independent the better.

Below you can see links to lots of online resources.

If we can help you, just call us. The most important thing in all of this is maintaining good mental health and wellbeing for yourself and your family. We will come out of this stronger and we can’t wait to see you all again.
Mental Health and Wellbeing
It is perfectly natural for children to be confused and anxious during this period of isolation from their friends and family. The government have produced advice for parents regarding their children’s mental health which you can access here: children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.
You can also visit Young Minds who have dedicated support and help lines on offer: Young Minds
Home lessons to encourage reasoning and problem solving.
Some science ideas from Mrs Hodgson, our science lead:
Register for access to hundreds of books online.
Use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to get access to online and printable resources.
Ideas and resources to support your child’s physical and mental wellbeing.
Includes a wide variety of ‘live’ lessons covering many subjects.
This is the link to our Parochial YouTube channel. We don’t have much on yet but we will try to build it up.
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