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Parochial Wish Lists

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At Parochial we are always astounded by the generosity of our parents and our community, never more than at Christmas when you are always so kind to us all.

We so much appreciate how good you are to us, but this year we are aware that lots of families have struggled under lockdown and we would hate to feel that you thought you were under pressure to provide gifts. Additionally, we realise that sending gifts in for staff is not in line with our risk assessment – which tries to reduce anything unnecessary from coming in to our bubbles.

However, if you would like to show your appreciation, we ask that you visit our class Amazon Wish lists – there are some amazing books on there that we would just love to use with your children, but funding is such that we are not able to manage to afford everything we need.

If you have already begun a collection – we know how organised you are – could we suggest that you make the donation to our Friends on their Just Giving Page?

Please don’t feel we don’t appreciate you as we are so grateful for all you do, and don’t feel at all under any obligation to visit our wish lists. If you do want to take a look, our wish list links are on the right.

Thank you for all you do for us and for all your support.