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Living Our Christian Faith

Core Christian Values

At Parochial our values are friendship, compassion, honesty, service and forgiveness. We also talk about the value of hope and of courage.

The distinctive Christian character of the school is demonstrated in the way we treat one another and in the way the we nurture the character of our children. We feel that, whatever a child’s faith, or even if they have no faith at all, learning to live well with others, to serve their families and communities, and to grow in love and acceptance of others is of benefit to them and everyone around them.

We encourage the development of Christian values by demonstrating them, by familiarising them with models of Christianity both in school and in the wider world through our curriculum and by noticing and praising Christian action when we see it.

Our values are underpinned by our Golden Rule: “Treat others the way that you want to be treated.” (Matthew 7:12) This has become part of the language we use with our children and is their guide in the choices they make.
For Lent 2023 we set children the 40 days of service challenge. Last year they did brilliantly and made us very proud. The ten children who had completed the most acts of service came to the People’s Kitchen with us to see where our ‘Food bank Friday’ items are used.