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What Should my Child be Reading?

Your child is so lucky to be a reader right now – there are so many amazing and beautiful children’s books to choose from! But remember, they don’t always need to be reading stories or even books. Many children prefer magazines, non-fiction books about topics they enjoy, poems or graphic novels. As long as you are aware of the appropriateness of the content, all reading is valuable and we will do whatever we can to help you to encourage it at home.

What do they read at school?

Our book corners are packed with good quality books that are both fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We have also worked hard to ensure that there is suitable representations of the diversity we see in the UK today – diversity of race and culture, of ability, of families.

Each year group uses text as a hook for their English work. In addition to these books, we have developed a reading spine of books that are age appropriate to the year group and are considered to be good quality, well written books which will engage young readers. Copies of our reading spine can be found below and if you would like to read these books, or make them available to read, at home, we would very much encourage this.

If the books aren’t engaging your child, we have added links to some excellent websites that will give you some ideas.

Please come and see us if you would like some additional guidance or support.