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Friends of Whickham Parochial

Friends of Whickham Parochial
Registered Charity Number: 1144491

The ‘Friends of Whickham Parochial’ is a group of parents and family members who raise funds for the school.

Working closely with the school, they provide funds to purchase equipment and subsidise activities that the school could not otherwise afford.

They organise and host numerous fundraisers including; Summer and Christmas Fairs, sponsored activities, movie nights and discos, to name but a few. They sell Parochial themed merchandise at various times of the year, including Christmas cards, calendars, father’s day gifts and school bags etc.

They are always open to new, fresh and interesting ways to raise money!

The ‘Friends’ meet regularly to plan future events. Joining the meetings is a great way to get involved in the community, support the school and make friends! You can give as much, or as little time as you like.

Virtual Christmas Performances

Here are the links to our Nativity videos. They are on Vimeo, and to keep them safe from other viewers, you will need to join Vimeo to see them (a free account will do fine) – they are password protected and the password can be purchased for a small donation. Log in to the Vimeo account that you have created, post in the URL (link) below and use the password we will send you. KS1/Reception password comes as a bundle with their Nativity photo for £3 and KS2 password is £1. Many thanks for your generosity!

More Information

If you would be interested volunteering with the ‘Friends’ please contact the school office or join the Facebook group.

Friends of Whickham Parochial – Facebook Group

Contact may be made via the Chairperson through the school, or by email: