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Embedding our Values

Core Christian Values

This year at Parochial we are focusing on the value of Service.

We talk to the children about service to our friends, to our families, to our community and to our world. Developing the value of service in children is good for their mental health, as it develops their sense of worth and an understanding that, no matter how young they are, they have the power to help others.

With this in mind, we are launching our chore charts. We have produced two charts, one for Key Stage One and Reception, and one for Key Stage Two, which suggest things that children can do to help you around the house. We’ve left a space for you to add any other ideas you have. We have also left it up to you and your child to discuss a reward that they might receive for completing most or all of their jobs. This idea is linked to two initiatives that we are beginning this year…

Our school has sponsored a little boy from El Salvador. He is called Thiago and he is only two years old. Our sponsorship helps towards medical appointments and advice, and will include Thiago in projects to help his schoolwork, keep him safe and steer him towards a successful and happy lifestyle as he grows. This sponsorship is very expensive. We would like to ask if, for one week each term, you add a monetary value to the chores that your child does for them to raise money to bring in for Thiago. We will add a bit of competition and attach the total amount to points for the housepoint charts.

In addition to this, on the last Friday of each half term, we will have Foodbank Friday. We ask that your child be allowed to either earn tins or items of food for their chores, or that they again earn money and can come with you to choose the items they could bring in. The food will be donated to the People’s Kitchen in Newcastle and Gateshead Food bank.

Please see our calendar for our next Chore week and Foodbank Friday

Our aim is for children to feel that they are making a difference and to see that they can be a force for good in their home, their community and in the wider world.
This is Thiago. We hope that we can raise money for his sponsorship through our children’s participation in our Chore Weeks.

Good News!

A lovely bit of news to show how our value of service is making a difference in our children’s lives…

This is our EYFS and KS1 chore chart, please feel free to use it in whichever way works best for your family.

This is our KS2 chore chart, again, feel free to use is any way that works best for you.